The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy

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The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy

Written by: Michael Curtis and Gregory S. Malins
Transcribed by Eric B Aasen

301 (星球大战中的)莉亚公主

[Scene Central Perk, the whole gang is entering]

JOEY: I’m tellin’ ya that girl totally winked at me.

wink at v.使眼色, 假装看不见

ALL: Did not, she did not wink at you…(sees that their sacred couch is occupied by strangers).

sacred adj.神圣的 重大的

CHANDLER: Huh. (They all leave, dejected)

dejected adj.沮丧的 灰心的


[Scene: Rachel and Monica’s, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel are eating breakfast.]

ROSS: I have to say Tupolo Honey by Van Morrison.

RACHEL: Nooo Way! The most romantic song ever is The Way We Were.

PHOEBE: See, I-I think that one that Elton John wrote for, um, that guy on Who’s The Boss.

Tupelo Honey L The Way We WereWho’s The Boss:老友们在谈论哪首歌曲是最浪漫的。罗斯说是爱尔兰民谣歌手范·莫里森(Van Morrison)的《土波罗蜜(Tupelo Honey)》,而瑞秋则说是影片《往日情怀》当中那首同名主题曲《往日情怀(The Way We Were)》。 菲比则提到了埃尔顿·约翰曾经为九十年代早期红过的电视连续剧《妙管家(Who’s The Boss)》中的演员托尼·丹泽(Tony Danza)写过一首歌,众人惊问,那是什么歌曲?菲比就唱了起来:抱紧我,托尼·丹泽(Hold me close Tony Danza)原来,这完全是菲比把歌词听错了,埃尔顿·约翰确实写过一首叫做《飞燕舞者(Tiny Dancer)》的歌,里面的歌词有一句是:抱紧我,飞燕舞者(Hold me closeTiny Dancer)”/ See, I-I think that one that Elton John wrote for, um, that guy on Who’s The Boss. What song was that, Pheebs? (singing) Hold me close, young Tony Dan-za: Actually, Phoebe is talking about Elton John’s hit song Tiny Dancer in which real lyrics go “ Hold me close, young Tiny Dancer.” However, as a freaking funny gal, she sang the song “ hold me close, Tony  Danza”  on purpose, because she joked Tony Danza who is a famous US actor starred in TV series: Who’s the boss (妙管家)
RACHEL: What song was that, Pheebs?

PHOEBE: (singing) Hold me close抱紧我, young Tony Dan-za.

(Monica enters from her bedroom)

PHOEBE: Hi Monica!

ROSS: Hey Mon!

RACHEL: Hey Mon!

(she just walks straight into the bathroom)

PHOEBE: Oh my God, has she slept at all?

at all adv.根本

ROSS: Nope.

RACHEL: No, it’s been three nights in a row.

in a row连续

ROSS: Yeah, she finally stopped crying yesterday, but then she found one of Richard’s cigar butts out on the terrace, so.

cigar butt雪茄屁股/terrace n.阳台

PHOEBE: Oh, okay that explains it. I got a call at two in the morning, but all I could hear was, like, this high squeaky sound, so I thought okay its like a mouse or a opossum. But then I realized where would a mouse or a opossum get the money to make the phone call.

squeaky adj.吱吱响的/opossum n.负鼠

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, Joey is coming in from the bedroom]

CHANDLER: Morning.

JOEY: Morning, hey, you made pancakes?

pancake n.薄烤饼

CHANDLER: Yeah, like there’s any way I could ever do that.

JANICE: (entering and singing) Monica and Rachel had syrup, now I can get my man to cheer up. (laughs hysterically) Good morning Joey.

syrup n.糖浆, 果汁/cheer up v.使振奋, 感到振奋

JOEY: (sarcastically) Good morning.

CHANDLER: Hey, you know what, here’s a thought. Why don’t you stay home from work today and just hang out with me.

JANICE: Oh, I wish. Look, honey, you have that report to finish, and I gotta go see my lawyer.

CHANDLER: I can not believe that I am going out with someone that is getting divorced. I’m such a grown up.

JANICE: (laughs) I-I-I gotta go, I gotta go. Okay, not without a kiss.

CHANDLER: Well, maybe I won’t kiss you, and then you’ll have to stay.

JOEY: (under his breath) Kiss her! Kiss her!

under one’ breath屏住呼吸

JANICE: I’ll see you later, sweetie. Bye Joey.

JOEY: B-bye Janice. So when ya’ dumpin’ her.

CHANDLER: Nope, not this time.

JOEY: Come on, quite yankin’ me.

yank v.<>/Come on, quite yankin’ me. yankingbother, harass的意思

CHANDLER: I’m not yanking you.

JOEY: This is Janice.

CHANDLER: Yeah, I know. She makes me happy.

JOEY: Okay. All right. You look me in the eye and tell me, without blinking, that you’re not breaking up with her. No blinking.

blink v.眨眼

CHANDLER: (looks him in the eye) I’m not breaking up with her! (they stare at each other for a while, then Joey blows in his face)

[Scene: Rachel and Monica’s, Monica is entering from the bathroom.]

MONICA: God, look what I found in the drain.

drain n.排水沟

RACHEL: What?!

MONICA: It’s some of Richard’s hair! (holds it close to Ross) What do I do with this?

ROSS: Getting it away from me would be job one.

It’s weird, but you know what I don’t wanna throw this away. I mean this is like all I have left of him, gross, drain hair. Ooh! (drops it in Ross’s cereal)

cereal n.谷类食品

PHOEBE: Ooh. Oh. It looks like, like a tiny little person drowning in your cereal. (Ross gives her this look, like ‘Yeah, doesn’t it’, and gets up to dump it down the drain.)

MONICA: God, what is wrong with me.

ROSS: You need to get some sleep.

MONICA: I need to get some Richard.

RACHEL: Monica, you broke up with him for a reason.

MONICA: I know, I know. I’m just so tired of-of missing him. I’m tired of wondering why hasn’t he called. Why hasn’t he called!

PHOEBE: Maybe, because you told him not to.

MONICA: What are you the memory woman记忆女王?

JOEY: (entering) Their not breaking up. Chandler and Janice. Their not breaking up. He didn’t blink or anything.

RACHEL: Well, you know I’m not surprised. I mean have you seen them together, they’re really cute.

JOEY: Cute! This is Janice! You remember Janice?

RACHEL: Yes, Joey, I remember, she’s annoying, but you know what she’s-she’s his girlfriend now. I mean what can we do?

JOEY: There you go! That’s the spirit I’m looking for! What can we do? Huh? All right who’s first? Huh? Ross?

There  you  go!  That’s  the  spirit  I’m  looking  for:  this  phrase  is  used  to express approval of someone’s behavior or attitude.

ROSS: Well I’m thinking that Chandler’s our friend and Janice makes him happy, so I say we just all be adult about it and accept her.

adult adj.成熟的/be abult about 对…成熟点

JOEY: Yeah, we’ll call that Plan B. All right?

[Scene: Ross’s bedroom, Ross is working and Rachel is reading a book in bed]

RACHEL: (she leans over and kisses him on the cheek) Honey, I was wondering….

ROSS: Hmm?

RACHEL: Do you still have that, um, Navy uniform?

ROSS: Nooo, I had to return it to the costume place.


ROSS: I think I have an old band uniform from high school.

RACHEL: You remember not having sex in high school, right?

ROSS: Yeah.

RACHEL: Well honey, what about you?

ROSS: What?

RACHEL: I mean do you have any fun, you know, fantasy type things性幻想?


RACHEL: Come on you gotta have one!

ROSS: Nope.

RACHEL: Ross, you know what…

ROSS: What?

RACHEL: …if you tell me, I might do it.

ROSS: Okay, umm. Did you ever see, um, Return Of The Jedi?

Okay, umm. Did you ever see, um, Return Of The Jedi: Return of the Jedi, officially titled Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, is a science fiction film by George Lucas that debuted in 1983. This film was the third film in a trilogy(n.三部曲) that started with the very successful Star Wars


ROSS: Do you remember the scene with, um, Jabba the Hut? Well Jabba had as, as his prisoner, um, Princess Leia.

scene n.(电影中的)场景


ROSS: Princess Leia, was wearing this, um, gold bikini thing. It was pretty cool.

bikini n.比基尼泳装/Return of the Jedi,Jabba the Hut,Princess Leia:罗斯谈他的性幻想,说到了《杰迪骑士归来(Return Of the Jedi)》,这是《星球大战》早先的三部曲的最后一部,剧中有一个情节是主人公莉亚公主(Princess Leia)”被邪恶的贾巴(Jabba the Hut)”等关了起来。罗斯最喜欢的是身穿金色比基尼的莉亚公主 形象。所以后来菲比听说了罗斯的性幻想后,就做手势开玩笑说:罗斯·天行者(Ross Skywalker)”因为剧中莉亚公主有一个弟弟叫做卢克·天行者(Luke Skywalker)”,他们在互相不知道身份时一度很亲密。

[Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe and Rachel are there]

PHOEBE: Yeah, oh, Princess Leia and the gold bikini, every guy our age loved that.

RACHEL: Really!

PHOEBE: Um, um. It’s huge. Yeah, that’s the moment, when-when, you know she stopped being a princess, and became, like, a woman, you know.

RACHEL: Did you ever do the-the Leia thing?

PHOEBE: Oh, yeah, um-mm. Oh!

RACHEL: Really! That-that great huh?

PHOEBE: No it’s just that I got this new pager and I have it on vibrate. See ya!

pager n.呼机,寻呼机/vibrate v.(使)振动

ROSS: (entering with Monica
in tow) Hey!

tow n.v.拖 牵引

RACHEL: Hi you guys!

ROSS: Look who I found standing outside of the Szechwan Dragon staring at a parking meter.

Szechwan n.四川/parking meter n.停车计时器

RACHEL: Mon. Hi!


RACHEL: Why aren’t you at work?

MONICA: Oh, they-they sent me home.


MONICA: Because I don’t work at the Szechwan Dragon.

ROSS: Okay.

RACHEL: You really, really need to get some sleep, honey.

MONICA: I know I do.



ROSS: Guess what?


ROSS: They published my paper.

RACHEL: Oh, really, let me see, let me see.

PHOEBE: Rach, look! (she holds two buns up to her ears to make her hair look like the Princess Leia ‘do.) Oh, hi! Where is my strong Ross Skywalker to come rescue me. (Ross stands up horrified) There he is.

bun n.小圆面包/skywaler n.天行者/horrified adj.惊悸的

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, Joey is watching Wheel of Fortune, the puzzle is showing _oun_ Rush_ore.]

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, Joey is watching Wheel of Fortune, the puzzle is showing _oun_  Rush_ore.]: Wheel of Fortune is  a television game show originally  devised  by  Merv  Griffin, and  which runs  in  local editions around the world. Mount Rushmore is well known for its 60-foot sculptured busts(雕刻半身像)of  Presidents  George  Washington,  Thomas  Jefferson,  Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln to represent the first 150 years of American history.

[Chandler enters]


JOEY: Wheel!


JOEY: Fortune! This guy is so stupid. (yelling) It’s Count Rushmore!!

count n.伯爵/Wheel of Fortune,Mount Rushmore:乔伊在电视上看他喜欢看的电视游戏节目《幸运之轮(Wheel of Fortune)》,里面有一个填宇游戏是猜拉什莫尔山(Mount Rushmore)”,这是刻有四位美国总统巨大头像的国家公园。不学无术的乔伊还说电视里的人真笨,连康特·拉什莫尔(Count Rushmore)”都答不上来。当钱德勒后来告诉他没有什么康特·拉什莫尔时,他还振振有词地和钱德勒说:那在山上把自己的脸涂成和总统一样的那个人是谁?”显然,他居然认为拉什莫尔山上的人都是人扮的。可是,乔伊,哪里有那么大的人呢?还得一动不动?

CHANDLER: You know, you should really go on this show. All right, listen, I got three tickets to the Rangers tonight.
What’d ya’ say?

JOEY: I say, ‘I am there!我一定要去‘ Cool! Aw, is Ross going to?

CHANDLER: No, Janice.

JOEY: Jan-ice. ‘Cause I, just, I feel bad for Ross, you know, we-we always go together, we’re like the three hockey-teers.

three hockey-teers n.冰球三兄弟

CHANDLER: You know, I may be way out on a limb here, but do you, do you, have a problem with Janice?

I may be way out on a limb here :limb可以解释为“人的肢干”或“树的分支”,我们知道树的分支离树的主干越远,它的承受力也就越小;如果你不幸正挂在枝头,也就是out on a limb, 那就表示你的处境不妙,有点孤立无援的意思。本句话可翻译为“我现在的处境有些不妙”。(way就是“有些、相当”的意思)。/You know, I may be way out on a limb here, but do you, do you, have a problem with Janice: out on a limb means to be in an exposed or dangerous position with little chance of retreat(v.撤退 逃离)

JOEY: No, Yeeees. God, how do I say this. (walks into the kitchen, Chandler follows closely, he turns around and gets startled). Oh, hi, you know that girl from the Greek restaurant with the hair (holds his hands up to signify she has big hair)?

signify vt.表示 意味/big hair爆炸头

CHANDLER: Ooh, that girl that I hate, eww, drives me crazy, eww, eww, oh!

JOEY: Look, I don’t hate Janice, she’s-she’s just a lot to take, you know.

just a lot to take令人难以忍受/Look, I don’t hate Janice, she’s-she’s just a lot to take, you know: To put up with; endure or tolerate

CHANDLER: Well, there you go.

JOEY: Oh, hey. Come on man, don’t look at me like that, she used to drive you nuts before too, remember?

CHANDLER: Well, I’m crazy about her now. I think this could be the real thing. Capital ‘R’! Capital ‘T’! (Joey stares at him) Don’t worry, those are the right letters.

capital adj.大写的

JOEY: Look, what do you want me to say?

CHANDLER: I want you to say that you like her!

JOEY: I can’t. It’s like this chemical thing, you know. Every time she starts laughing, I just wanna (grimaces and tenses up) pull my arm off just so that I can have something to throw at her.

tense up紧张

CHANDLER: Thanks for trying. (grabs the ticket and starts to leave) Oh, and by the way there is no Count Rushmore!

JOEY: Yeah, then-then who’s the guy that painted the faces on the mountain? (Chandler gives him a look like ‘You stupid idiot!’)


[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, Rachel and Ross are entering]

ROSS: How could you have told her?

RACHEL: Ross, I didn’t think it would that big of a deal.

ROSS: Oh, she didn’t think it would be that big of deal.

RACHEL: Okay, who are you talking to when you do that?

ROSS: Look, that was supposed to be like a private, personal thing between us.

RACHEL: Okay, Ross, Phoebe is my girlfriend, okay, we tell each other everything. You know, I mean, come on, guys do the same thing, I mean, what about all that locker room stuff.

locker room n.衣帽间 更衣室

ROSS: That’s different, okay. That’s like, uh ‘Who dated a stripper?’ or ‘Who did it on the back of the Staton Island Ferry?’.

stripper n.脱衣舞娘/ferry n.渡轮/Sfaten Island Ferry:罗斯在给瑞秋举例哪些事情可以和朋友说时,举了这样一个例子,乔伊在史坦顿岛渡轮(Staten Island Ferry)的后舱和人亲热,这种事情就可以说。史坦顿岛渡轮是开航于曼哈顿和史坦顿岛之间的免费渡轮,也是欣赏自由女神像的最好工具。

RACHEL: Were both of those Joey?

ROSS: Yeah. Look, you don’t, you don’t talk about like, you know, your girlfriend and the intimate stuff you, you do with her.

RACHEL: Not even with your best friend.

ROSS: Noo!

RACHEL: That is so sad. Your missing out on so much, Ross. I mean, the bonding and the sharing, you know. And-and knowing that someone else is going through the same thing you are.

miss out on遗漏了 错失了/bond v.使结合n.连接/That is so sad.Your missing out on so much, Ross: missing out on means to lose a good opportunity for

ROSS: Hmph. So what you, you tell each other everything?

RACHEL: Pretty much.

pretty much几乎 差不多

ROSS: Did you talk about the night of five times? Do you tell people about the night of five times?

RACHEL: Uh, honey, yeah that was with Carol.

ROSS: I know, but it’s still worth mentioning, I think.

[Scene: Monica’s bedroom, Phoebe is trying to relax her.]

PHOEBE: ( in a soothing voice) Relax every muscle in your body. Listen to the plinky-plunky music. Okay, now close you eyes, and think of a happy place. Okay, tell me your happy place.

sooth adj.柔软的抚慰的/soothing adj.抚慰的 使人宽心的/plinky n.叮玲声/plunky n.砰砰作响声/Relax every muscle in your body. Listen to the  plinky-plunky music: a tinkling(n.叮当作响) sound

MONICA: Richard’s living room, drinking wine.

PHOEBE: All right. No, no, no, not a Richard thing, just put down the glass. And get out!

MONICA: I’m sorry, but that’s my happy place.

PHOEBE: Well, okay, fine, use my happy place. Okay, I’m just gonna, I have to ask that you don’t move anything.

MONICA: All right, I’ll try not to.

PHOEBE: Okay, all right, so, your in a meadow, millions of stars in the sky….

meadow n.草地 牧场

MONICA: Do you think breaking up with him was a huge mistake?

PHOEBE: All right, there are no questions in the happy place. Okay, just, the warm breeze, and the moonlight flowing through the trees….

MONICA: I’ll bet he’s totally over me, I’ll bet he’s fine.

be over sb 对某人忘情

PHOEBE: All right, betting and wagering of any kind, are, I’m sure, not permitted in the happy place. Okay. Just-just, you know, the-the lovely waterfalls, and the, the trickling fountains. And the-the calming sounds of the babbling brook….

wager n.v., 赌博, 赌注/trickling adj.滴流的/fountain  n.泉水, 喷泉/babbling n.婴儿发出的咿呀之声to潺潺的/brook n.小溪

MONICA: Okay, this isn’t working. I’m still awake and now I have to pee.

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s]

JANICE: So, I hear, you hate me!

JOEY: I, ah, I never said hate, I was very careful about that.

JANICE: A little birdie told me something about you wanting to rip your arm off and throw it at me.

rip off v.撕掉(=pull off)

JOEY: And you got a ‘hate’ from that?! Your taking a big leap there…

JANICE: All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, we’ve got to do something about our little situation here Joey. So, this is my idea: you and me spending some quality time together.

quality time珍贵时光;上班族能跟家人相聚的时间

JOEY: But what does that gonna do…

JANICE: For Chandler!

JOEY: Okay. I’m in.

JANICE: Okay. All right. This is what we’re gonna call it: ‘Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!

JOEY: Does it have to be a whole day?

JANICE: Yes, because that’s how long it takes to love me.

JOEY: Yeah, I know, I sleep in the next room.

[Scene: Central Perk, Rachel and Monica are entering]

MONICA: (crying) So, I went down to the post office, and it turns out it was those videos that I ordered for Richard about the Civil War. He loved the Civil War.

PHOEBE: Monica, do you want us to take you home?

MONICA: Uh, huh. (to Ross) Or maybe to a galaxy far, far away. (Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe leave)

galaxy n.银河系

ROSS: Women tell each other everything. Did you know that?

CHANDLER: Umm, yeah.

ROSS: No Chandler, everything! Like stuff you like, stuff she likes, technique, stamina, girth….

stamina n. 毅力, 持久力, 精力/girth =perimeter n.周长

CHANDLER: Girth? Why, why, why, wh-why, why, why, why would they do this?

ROSS: Rachel says sharing’s great and supposedly, you know, we outta be doing it. Do you wanna?

supposedly  adv.想像上, 按照推测

CHANDLER: We’re not gonna talk about girth are we?

ROSS: Nooo!

CHANDLER: Yeah, okay.

ROSS: Yeah?

CHANDLER: Yeah! All right! You go first.

ROSS: Okay, okay, I’ll go first.


ROSS: So, uh, the other night Rachel and I are in bed talking about fantasies, and I happened to describe a particular Star Wars thing….

CHANDLER: Princess Leia in the gold bikini.

ROSS: Yes!


ROSS: Yes! Wow, well, that-that was easy. Okay, you-you go.


ROSS: Okay.

CHANDLER: Okay, you know, you know when your in bed, with a woman.

ROSS: Hmph.

CHANDLER: And, ah, you know, your fooling around with her. And you get all these like, mental images in your brain, you know, like Elle MacPherson, or that girl at the Xerox place….

fool around with 与…亲热/Xerox n.复印机/mental images 是想象中。。。/Elle MacPherson:钱德勒和罗斯说性幻想时提到的人物埃勒·麦克弗森(Ellc MacPherson),超级名模,还拥有自己的服装品牌。/And you get all these like, mental images in your brain, you know, like Elle MacPherson, or that girl  at  the  Xerox  place: Elle Macpherson is  an Australian supermodel and actress. Originally born Eleanor Gow in Sydney, Australia, she became an international star through the Sports Illustrated magazine and even appeared on the cover of a swimsuit(n.泳装) issue(n.期号).


ROSS: With the belly-button ring? Oh, muhawa!

belly-button n.肚脐/With the belly-button ring: the human navel(n.)

CHANDLER: I know, And then all of the sudden your Mom pops into your head. And your like ‘Mom, get outta here!’ You know, but of course, like, after that you can’t possibly think of anything else, and you can’t, you know, stop what your doing. So it’s kinda like, you’re, you know. You know…(Ross just stares at him). You don’t know!

pop into急急走进

ROSS: Your Mom, your telling me, your telling me, about your Mom, what is the matter with you?

CHANDLER: You said…

ROSS: I said ‘share‘ not ‘scare‘. Go sit over there! (Chandler goes over and sits at a table and puts his head down).

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, Joey and Janice are returning from their DAY OF FUN!]

JANICE: We’re baack!

JOEY: Hey!

CHANDLER: What are you guys doing together?

JANICE: Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!!! (laughs)


JOEY: Yeah, yeah. We went to a Mets game, we got Chinese food, and you know, I love this woman. You have got competition buddy.

Mets,Rangers,Knicks:乔伊和钱德勒的女友简尼丝去看了纽约大都会队(Metsme- tropolis的简称)的棒球比赛。钱德勒后来提到的谢伊球场(Shea Stadium)是大都会队的主场。老友们还经常去看的体育队伍有纽约巡游者冰球队(New York Rangers)和纽约尼克斯篮球队(New York Knicks)。乔伊最喜欢的篮球队是纽约尼克斯队/Yeah, yeah. We went to a Mets game, we got Chinese food, and you know, I love this woman. You have got competition buddy: The New York Mets are a Major League Baseball team based in New York City

JANICE: I just came by to give you a kiss, I have to go pick up the baby, so. I’ll see you later sweetheart, you too Chandler. (laughs)

CHANDLER: You still can’t stand her can you?

JOEY: I’m sorry man, I tired, I really did.

CHANDLER: Well, you know, I appreciate you giving it a shot努力尝试.

JOEY: But, hey, look, you know the good thing is, is that we spent the whole day together and I survived, and what’s even more amazing, so did she. It was bat day at Shea Stadium.

bat day n.打击日/Shea Stadium:就是指前面的Mets队的主场/Shea Stadium: A baseball stadium in Flushing, New York where the New York Mets play

CHANDLER: Well, I guess that’s something这可真是了不起.

JOEY: No man, that’s huge! Now, I know I can stand to be around her, which means I get to hang out with you, which is kinda the whole point, anyway.


JOEY: Oh, hey, Chandler, we, ah, we stopped by the coffee shop and ran into Ross.


JOEY: Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I do it too.


JOEY: Oh yeah, I always picture your Mom when I’m having sex.

[Scene: Rachel and Monica’s, Monica is watching the Civil War videos]

VIDEO: April Twelve, Eighteen hundred, Sixty-One (Monica lights Richard’s cigar butt), 4:30 A.M. on Tuesday, the United States garrison at Fort Sumter was fired upon (knock on door) it is now under bombardment by….

garrison n.驻军/bombardment n.炮击 轰击/FortSumter:莫尼卡给理查德购买的美国南北战争录像带在她和理查德分手后才寄到,莫尼卡独自一人看录像带回味旧情。录像带的画外音说,在1861412日,萨姆特堡的美国要塞遭到 南方邦联军队攻击。这是历史上南北战争的第一枪。

(Monica answers the door)

MONICA: Hi, Dad, what are you doing here?

MR. GELLER: Well, it’s your mother’s bridge night so I thought that I would come into the city for a little Monicuddle. (hugs her) Since when did you start smoking cigars?

cuddle v.拥抱

MONICA: I don’t, I just, I just like the smell of them. So, uh, what are you really doing here Dad?

MR. GELLER: Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

MONICA: What makes you think that I might not be okay?

MR. GELLER: I saw Richard.


MR. GELLER: So, how are you doing?

MONICA: I’m fine, just a little tired, I’m okay. How’s Richard doing?

MR. GELLER: You don’t wanna know.

MONICA: No, I really, really do.

MR. GELLER: Well, he’s doing terrible!

MONICA: Really!

MR. GELLER: Worse than when he broke up with Barbara.

MONICA: You’re not just saying that are you?

MR. GELLER: No, the man is a mess.

MONICA: Was he crying?


MONICA: Well, do you think he was waiting ’til after you left, so he could cry?

MR. GELLER: Maybe.

MONICA: I think so.

MR. GELLER: Honey, relationships are hard. Like with your Mom and me. You know after we graduated college we broke up for a while. It seems her Father, your Grandfather, wanted her to travel around Europe, like he did. Of course, he got to do it on Uncle Sam’s nickel, because he was also strafing German troop trains at the time. However, (turns around and sees that Monica is sleeping and puts a blanket around her, kisses her, picks up the cigar, and starts watching the video)

nickel<>五分镍币/strafe v.猛烈炮轰/troop train军用运输列车/uncle sam 是指美国或美国人, 类似还有john bull 指英国人/Of course, he got to do it on Uncle Sam’s nickel, because he was also strafing German troop trains at the time: to rake(n.扫射)(as ground troops) with fire at close range and especially with machine-gun fire from low-flying aircraft


[Scene: Ross’s bedroom, Ross is humming the Star Wars theme. Rachel enters, with her hair done up like Princess Leia’s, and wearing a belly dancer’s outfit, to simulate the gold bikini thing.]

hum v.(曲子)/do up v.束起 重新整修 包好/belly dancer n.肚皮舞者/outfit n.服装 装备 配备

RACHEL: Okay, here we go. I’m Jabba’s prisoner, and you have a really weird look on your face. What? Honey, what is it? Did I get it wrong? Did I get the hair wrong? What? Did you just
picture it differently? What? What?

ROSS: No, no it’s, um, it’s not you, um, it’s um, it’s (turns and sees his Mom standing where Rachel is)

MRS. GELLER: Well what is it? Come on sweetie, your like, freaking me out here.

ROSS: I hate Chandler, the bastard ruined my life. (Rachel starts looking around and down, with a ‘What the hell is going on?’ look on her face.)

bastard n.私生子 <>混蛋



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