The One With The Embryos

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The One With The Embryos

Written by: Jill Condon & Amy Toomin
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen

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4.12 The One With The Embryos

The guys’ chicken is becoming a rooster.

Phoebe undergoes the procedure to implant embryos in her uterus;

the pressure is high as Frank Jr. and Alice can only afford the procedure once.

Monica and Rachel bet that they know Chandler and Joey better than Chandler and Joey know them;

Ross writes the questions (game show style) and eventually the stakes are raised: If the girls win, the chick and the duck have to go.

If the guys win, they get the girls’ apartment.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, it’s 0-Dark:30, in other words it’s really, really early. Everyone’s asleep, and all through the apartments not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. That is except for the chick, who turns out to be a rooster and is crowing in the sun. Needless to say, this awakens Monica and Rachel who rush into their living room, searching for the cause of the sound.]

stirring adj.活跃的 忙碌的/rooster n.雄鸡/crow v.(公鸡)啼叫/in the sun adv.无忧无虑/needless to say adv.不必说/awaken v.唤醒/search for v.搜索

Rachel: What the hell is that?!! (to Monica) What the hell is that? Is that you? (Monica nods her head no, and Rachel realizes what is making that sound.) Ohhhhhhh! (storms over to Chandler and Joey’s with Monica in trail.)

in trail adv.尾随 成一列纵队

Monica: Boy, you are really not a morning person.

morning person n.适合早起的人 不爱睡懒觉的人

Rachel: (angrily) BACK OFF!!! (She starts banging on their door.) Get up! Get up! Get up! God damn it! Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up!!

back off v.退后

(Chandler opens the door, finally.)

Rachel: What is that noise?

Chandler: You!

Joey: It’s the chick! She’s…going through some changes.

Monica: What kind of changes?

Chandler: Well the vet seems to think that’s she’s becoming a rooster. (The rooster crows.) We’re getting a second opinion.

second opinion n.其他人的意见


[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, it’s later that morning, everybody has gotten up and Ross and Phoebe has joined them for breakfast. Rachel is returning from shopping.]

Phoebe: Hey!

Ross: Hey, what are you doing shopping at eight in the morning?

Rachel: Well, I’ve been up since six. Thanks to somebody’s dumb-ass rooster.

be up v.起床/dumb-ass <> meaning stupid moron

Phoebe: You guys you really should get rid of those animals. They shouldn’t be living in an apartment.

Rachel: Yeah! Especially not with all of these knives and cookbooks around

cookbook n.食谱

Phoebe: All right. I’m gonna go to the fertility doctor and um, see if I’m ready to have Frank and Alice’s embryo transferred into my uterus.

fertility <>繁殖力/fertility doctor n.妇产科医生(=accoucheur)/embryo n.胎儿 胚胎

Ross: Now, how will they know if you’re ready?

Phoebe: Oh, they’re just gonna umm, look to see if my endometria layer is thick.

endometrium []子宫内膜[复数:endometria]

Chandler: Oh, I can uh, check that for ya.

Phoebe: Okay everyone, think thick.

All: Good-bye! Good luck! (She opens the door to reveal Monica and Joey.)

Phoebe: Hi! Wish me luck!

Monica: Oh, good luck.

Joey: Good luck. (to Monica) And I’m still right!

Monica: That is sooo not true!

Rachel: What?

Joey: She’s mad because I know today’s her laundry day and that means she’s wearing her old lady underpants.

underpants n.内衣裤

Chandler: I can check that for ya.

Monica: I just—I can’t believe that you think that you and Chandler know me and Rachel better than we know you.

Chandler: Well… we-we do. You can only eat Tic Tacs in even numbers.

even number n.偶数

Tic Tac is the brand name of small, hard mints(n.薄荷糖) manufactured by the Italian confectioner(n.糖果店) Ferrero. Consumers enjoy them as a breath mint or simply as a low-calorie confectionery(n.糖果的总称).

Joey: Yeah, what’s that about?

Chandler: (to Rachel) And you… Ross, I believe, if you check Rachel’s bag you will find a half-eaten box of cookies in there.

Ross: (He does so, and finds a half-eaten box of cookies.) You’re good. (Tries a cookie.) These are not.

Rachel: I’m so not impressed我觉得没什么. Everybody snacks when they shop.

snack<>v.吃快餐 吃点心

Monica: Yeah.

Joey: Oh yeah? Ross, how many items left in that bag?

Ross: Five.

Chandler: Okay, ten bucks says that we can name every item in that bag.

Rachel: How many guesses do you get?

Joey: Six.

Ross: Challenge extended战书已下.

Monica: Deal成交!

Ross: Challenge accepted.

Joey: All right, we’ll start with…apples.

Ross: We’ll be starting with apples.

Chandler: (to Ross) Stop that now!

(Ross reveals a bag of apples.)

Chandler: Yes!

Joey: Okay. Uhh, tortilla chips, yogurt.

tortilla n.玉米粉圆饼/yogurt n. 酸奶酪 酵母乳

tortilla chip

Chandler: Diet soda.

diet soda n.健怡可乐

Ross: Yes. Yes. Yes. (They’re perfect so far.)

Chandler: Orange juice.

Rachel: No! There’s no orange juice in there! We win!!

Monica: Ha-ha!

Ross: They have another guess.

Rachel: Okay, well, we won that one.

Joey: Okay, the last thing…

Chandler: Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh! (Whispers something in Joey’s ear.)

Joey: No-no, not for like another two weeks.

Chandler: I got it! Scotch… tape. (They’re right.)

scotch v.镇压 扑灭n.苏格兰人

scotch tape n.透明胶带(粘包裹等用)/ Scotch tape n.<>透明胶带的商标名

Ross: How did you know she would buy scotch tape?

Chandler: Well, we used up theirs last night making scary faces.

make scary face v.扮鬼脸

Monica: Aww, man!

Chandler: All right! Ten buck! Fork it over! Cough it up! Pay the piper! Gimme it.

fork over[](不情愿地)交出 交付 放弃/ cough up v.咳出 勉强说出/piper n.风笛手/ pay the piper v.承担费用/ Gimme <>=give me(give it to me)

Monica: That does not mean you know us better, I-I want a rematch.

rematch v.(运动竞赛、桥牌等的)重赛

Rachel: Yeah, and none of these stupid grocery questions, real personal questions.

grocery n.<>食品杂货店 食品 杂货

Monica: Yeah! And the winner gets a hundred bucks.

Joey: Serious?

Monica: Are you scared?

Joey: No! All right, who-who makes up the questions?

make up v.拼凑 编造

Monica: Ross will do it.

Ross: Oh sure, “Ross will do it!” It’s not like he has a job, or a child, or a life of his own.

Rachel: Fine! We’ll ask Phoebe.

Ross: No-no-no, I-I wanna play.

[Scene: The Doctor’s office, Dr. Zane is examining Phoebe as Frank and Alice watch.]

Dr. Zane: It looks like your uterus is ready for implantation.

implantation <>植入() 移植()

Phoebe: Oh! I knew it! I knew it! I felt really thick this morning.

Frank: Well, okay, so what’s now—go get, go get the eggs, put‘em in there.

Dr. Zane: Okay, it’ll take just a little while to prepare the embryos.

a little while adv.一会儿/embryos n.晶胚

Phoebe: Embryossss? As in, “More than one?”

Dr. Zane: Um-hmm, five actually.

Phoebe: Five? Okay, where am I giving birth, a hospital or a big box under the stairs?

stairs n.楼梯

Dr. Zane: We do five because that gives you a 25% chance that at least one will attach.

attach v.附着在子宫膜上

Phoebe: That’s it只有这点! 25 percent? That means that’s it’s like 75 percent chance of no baby at all!

Frank: Hey, y’know I was thinking, what are the odds like if-if, if you stuff like 200 of them in there?

odds n.可能的机会 成败的可能性/stuff vt.填满

Alice: Sweety, now, she’s a woman, not a gumball machine.

gumball n.(圆而色彩鲜艳的)胶姆糖球 口香糖

gumball machine

Phoebe: Okay, well y’know what, don’t worry you guys, ‘cause I’m-I’m gonna do this as many times as it takes to get it right.

Frank: Well, you see, the-the thing is, we-we only got, we kinda have one shot to make it right.

Alice: Umm, it costs $16,000 each time you do this.

Phoebe: Sixteen thousand dollars?!

Dr. Zane: Well, it’s 20 in California.

Alice: So, umm, we’re kinda using all the money we have to do it just this one time.

Phoebe: Whoa!! That—okay, that’s a lot of pressure on me and my uterus. (to Dr. Zane) So, well okay, so is there—is maybe is there something that I can do y’know just to like help make sure I get pregnant?

Dr. Zane: No, I’m sorry.

Phoebe: Wow! You guys really don’t know anything!

Frank: I know! Why don’t you get drunk! That worked for a lot of girls in my high school.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, the game is about to begin.]

Monica: So how’s the test coming?

Ross: Hey, you’re touching the game board.

game board

Monica: Sorry. You freak. You guys! Do you realize that any minute now, Phoebe can be pregnant?

Joey: Huh.

Rachel: I know! I know, it’s such a huge, life-altering thing.

life-altering adj.改变生活的

Joey: I know.

(They all pause and think about it.)

Ross: The test is ready.

All: Yeah! Yes! (They all right into the living room, all excited.)

Ross: Okay, each team will answer ten questions. The first team that answers the most questions wins. Okay, the categories are, Fears and Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature, and It’s All Relative. Now, the coin toss to see who goes first. (He flips the coin and they all watch it hit the table and stop. Then they all look up at him, to see who goes first.) Okay, somebody call it this time.

category n.种类 部属 类目/peeve n.气恼  使人气恼的事/ancient history <>刚刚发生但不成为新闻的事 家喻户晓的故事/toss v./Do you have any pet peeve? 你有什麽样的怪毛病吗? 所谓的 pet peeve 就是个人生活习惯上的一些小毛病, 例如有些人不喜欢别人碰他的电脑, 要是你碰他的电脑他就会不高兴, 这就是所谓的 pet peeve (而非 bad habit.) 通常 pet peeve 都是比较无伤大雅的小毛病, 几乎每个人都有属於他自己的 pet peeve。 所以就有老美跟我说过, “Everybody has his pet peeve.” 当然 pet peeve 也常常成为老美谈话之间彼此开玩笑的话题。 记得 “Friends” 有一集就是两边人马在比快问快答, 而其中有一类的问题就是 pet peeves,蛮有意思的。 如果是这个坏习惯大到会影响别人,像是在公共场所老是讲话很大声, 这就不是 pet peeve, 而要用 annoying 来形容。 例如我就常听老美抱怨, “Don’t you think he is annoying?” (你不觉得他很烦吗?) /学过一点英语的人都知道Pet这个词是宠物的意思。可是如果你想当然认为Teachers pet是“老师的宠物”的意思的话就错了,Teachers pet 是指老师最喜欢的学生。由此引申出了下列的说法:比如,Bosss pet 老板的红人;My pet brother 我最喜欢的兄弟;Johns pet project 约翰最看重的项目。Peeve 这个词的意思是不快、反感或不满。比如,The situation put him into a peeve. 见此状况,他恼羞成怒。可是,如果一个美国人问你,“What is your pet peeve?” 这又是什么意思呢?原来,在peeve前面加了pet,意思就不同了。比如,It rains a lot where Tom works. Bad weather, it seems, is Toms pet peeve. 汤姆工作的地方常下雨。因此,坏天气就似乎成了他喜欢抱怨的话题。再比如,My pet peeve is ants which are all over my place. 我最讨厌的是蚂蚁,我们家到处都是。所以,Pet Peeve 的意思是“最讨厌(嫌)的东西”。这样说,一方面可以说是习惯,一方面也能看出美国人的诙谐。

All: Oh yeah!

(Ross flips the coin again.)

Rachel: Tails!

tails n.(常用复数)(硬币)反面辫子[反义词:heads]

Ross: It’s heads. (The guys celebrate.) Gentlemen, pick your category.

Chandler: Fears and Pet Peeves.

Ross: What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?

Joey: Animals dressed as humans.

Ross: That’s correct. Ladies?

Monica: Same category?

Ross: According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him?

phenomenon n.现象/bejesus int.老天

Monica: Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance!

Michael Flatley:钱德勒、乔伊和莫尼卡、瑞秋举行智力竞赛。罗斯出的这道题目是:钱德勒认为最可怕的东西是什么?”莫尼卡立即答了上来:迈克尔·弗拉特利(Michael Flatley),跳舞之王。迈克尔·弗拉特利是著名的爱尔兰踢踏舞王,钱德勒觉得他的腿简直是和自己的身体分离的,所以感到很害怕。

Ross: That is correct.

Joey: (to Chandler) The Irish jig guy?!

Irish adj.爱尔兰的 爱尔兰人的/jig n.快步舞 快步舞曲

Chandler: His legs flail about as if independent of his body!

flail vt.用连枷打(谷类) /independent of adv.独立于….


flail[in a tap dance]

Ross: Gentlemen, your pick.

Joey: It’s All Relative.

Ross: Monica and I have a grandmother who died, you both went to her funeral, name that grandmother!

funeral n.葬礼/name v.叫出(某人的名字)

Joey: (to Chandler) Nana?

nana n.祖母

Chandler: She has a real name.

Joey: (answering the question) Althea!

Althea [希神]阿尔泰亚(卡吕冬王任俄纽斯的妻子)

Chandler: Althea?! What are you doing?!

Joey: I took a shot我试试看.

Chandler: Are you sure it was Althea?!

Ross: Althea is correct.

Chandler: Nice shooting!

(Ross motions for the girls to pick.)

Rachel: We’ll take Literature!!

Ross: Every week, the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey’s apartment. What name appears on the address label?

address label n.地址签 贴头(印写收件人地址的小纸签)

TV Guide

Rachel: Chandler gets it! It’s Chandler Bing!

Monica: No!!

Ross: I’m afraid the TV Guide comes to Chanandler Bong.

Monica: I knew that! Rachel! Use your head!

Chandler: Actually, it’s Miss Chanandler Bong.

[Scene: The Doctor’s office, Phoebe is giving a pep talk to the Petri dish containing the embryos.]

Petri dish n.有盖培养皿 皮氏培养皿( 实验室用于培养细菌等的有盖小玻璃盆)

pep talk n.鼓舞士气的讲话

Phoebe: Hello, tiny embryos. Well, I’m-I’m Phoebe Buffay, hi! I’m-I’m-I’m hoping to be your uterus for the next nine months. You should know, that we’re doing this for Frank and Alice, who you know, you’ve been there! Umm, y’know they want you so much, so when you guys get in there, really grab on. Okay, and-and I promise that I’ll keep you safe and warm until you’re ready to have them take you home, so… Oh! And also, umm next time you see me, I’m screaming, don’t worry, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Dr. Zane: Ready?

Phoebe: Uh-huh. (To the embryos) Good luck.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, the game is coming to a close.]

come to a close v.渐近结束 临终

Ross: All right, the score is nine to eight in favor of the guys. Ladies if you miss this the game is theirs, pick your category.

in favor of adv.有利于

Rachel: (shouting) It’s All Relative!!

Ross: You don’t have to shout everything.

Rachel: (shouting) I’m sorry!

Ross: Ooh. What is the name of Chandler’s father’s Las Vegas all-male burlesque?

burlesque n.比轻歌舞剧(Vandevi11c)更为粗俗的姐妹剧种: 俗丽歌舞

Monica: Viva Las Gaygas!

viva n.<意、西> 万岁的欢呼 欢呼声/Viva Las Gaygas 男同志 万岁

Chandler: Unfortunately that is correct.

The Girls: Yes!!

Ross: All right, we have a tie现在平局. Luckily, I have prepared for such an event. (He opens up an envelope and holds up some note cards.) The Lightning Round!

hold up v.举起

note card

All: Ohhhh.

Ross: Thirty seconds, all the questions you can answer.

Monica: You guys are dead, I am so good at lighting rounds.

Chandler: I majored in lightning rounds. All right, we’re gonna destroy you.

major in v.主修

Monica: Huh, wanna bet?

Chandler: Well, I’m so confused as to what we’ve been doing so far…

Monica: How about we play for more money, say 150?

Ross: 150 dollars.

Chandler: Say 200?

Ross: 200 dollars.

Monica: You’re doing it again.

Ross: Excuse me.

Rachel: Monica, I don’t want to lose 200 dollars.

Monica: We won’t. (to Chandler) 300?

Rachel: Monica?!

Monica: I’m just trying to spice it up!

spice vt.(+up/with)使增添趣味

Rachel: Okay, so let’s play for some pepper! Stop spending my money!

Monica: I got it! How about, if we win, they have to get rid of the rooster?

rooster n.雄禽 <主美>公鸡

Rachel: Oooohh that’s interesting.

Joey: Hey, no way, that rooster’s family!

Rachel: Throw in the duck too!

Joey: What do you have against the duck?! He doesn’t make any noise!

Rachel: Well, he gets the other one all riled up.

rile vt.激怒 使烦躁/rile up v.使心服气躁

Joey: Look, we are not gonna…

Chandler: (interrupting) All right, hold on! If you win, we give up the birds.

hold on v.停止

Joey: (shocked) Dah!! (Chandler motions for him to calm down.)

Chandler: But if we win, we get your apartment.

Joey: Oooooh!

Monica: Deal成交!

Rachel: That’s crazy. There’s no way we are betting the apartment.(the rooster crows again) All right, I’m in.‘cause either he goes, or I’m buying a coyote.

coyote n.一种产于北美大草原的小狼 山狗


[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, continued from earlier, only slightly later.]

Rachel: Monica, betting the apartment, I don’t know about this.

Monica: Rachel, I have not missed one question the whole game. I own this game! Look at my hand. (Holds up her hand.)

Rachel: Why? Do you have the answers written on there?

Monica: No! Steady as a rock! Now, are you with me?你相信我吗

rock-steady adj.consistent in performance or behavior;

Rachel: All right, let’s do it.

Monica: Come on!

Rachel: Okay. (They go into the living room.)

Ross: All right, gentlemen, you’re up first你们先上场.

Joey: Okay.

Chandler: Okay. (Starts jumping around.)

Ross: You have 30 seconds. And the lightning round begins—stop it (Chandler stops jumping)—now. What was Monica’s nickname when she was a field hockey goalie?

field hockey n.曲棍球/goalie n.守门员

field hockey goalie

Joey: Big fat goalie.

Ross: Correct. Rachel claims this is her favorite movie…

Chandler: Dangerous Liaisons.

liaison n.联络 (语音)连音

Dangerous Liaisons1988年的一部电影/Dangerous LiaisonsWeekend of Bernie’s:罗斯问瑞秋自称最喜欢的电影是什么,钱德勒说是《危险的关系(Dangerous Liaisons)》,这是一本描写法国贵族荒淫生活的名片,剧中人物表演出色,但其剧本的深刻程度不是头脑简单的瑞秋所能理解的。所以罗斯接下来的问题就是问瑞秋其实喜欢的是什么片子,钱德勒说是搞笑片《老板度假去(Weekend at Bernie’s)

Ross: Correct. Her actual favorite movie is…

Joey: Weekend at Bernie’s.

Weekend at Bernie’s:《老板渡假去》。1989年上映的一部喜剧片。

Ross: Correct. In what part of her body did Monica get a pencil stuck at age 14?

Chandler: Oh! (Whispers something in Ross’s ear.)

Ross: Eww! No!! Her ear! All right, Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?

categorize v.加以类别 分类

(They both confer.)

confer v.协商 交换意见

Joey: Everyday use.

Chandler: Fancy.

Joey: Guest.

Chandler: Fancy guest.

Ross: Two seconds…

Joey: Uhh, 11!

Ross: 11, unbelievable 11 is correct. (The guys celebrate.) All right, that’s 4 for the guys. Ladies, you’re up.

Rachel: All right!

Monica: Come on!

(As they change places, they give each other the now patented Ross maneuver.)

patent vt.取得的专利权 请准专利/maneuver n.花招

Ross: 30 seconds on the clock. 5 questions wins the game. The lightning round begins…now! What is Joey’s favorite food?

Monica: Sandwiches!

Ross: Correct. Chandler was how old when he first touched a girl’s breast?

Rachel: 14?

Ross: No, 19.

Chandler: Thanks man.

Ross: Joey, had an imaginary childhood friend. His name was?

imaginary adj.假想的 虚构的

Monica: Maurice.

Ross: Correct, his profession was?

profession n.职业

Rachel: Space cowboy!

Space cowboy

Ross: Correct! What is Chandler Bing’s job?

(The girls are stumped)

stump <>挑战 使为难 难住

[a.Will you help me with this crossword puzzle? It got me stumped /b.The unexpected question stumped him.]

Rachel: Oh gosh, it has something to do with numbers.

have something to do with v.有点关系

Monica: And processing.

Rachel: He carries a briefcase.

Ross: 10 seconds, you need this or you lose the game.

Monica: It’s umm, it has something to do with transponding.

transponder n.[tran(smitter) + (re)sponder.]A radio or radar transmitter-receiver activated for transmission by reception of a predetermined(adj.预先确定的) signal. 发射机应答器;询问机

Rachel: Oh-oh-oh, he’s a transponce—transpondster!

Monica: That’s not even a word! I can get this! I can get this!

(Ross stops the clock, signifying the end of the lightning round.)

Monica: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Rachel: Oh my God.

Chandler and Joey: YEAH!!! YES!!!

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, erm, Chandler and Joey’s, Chandler and Joey are carrying in the foosball table.]

Joey: I call Monica’s room!

Chandler: You can’t just call Monica’s room.

Joey: Sure I can, standard shotgun rules, I’m in sight of the room and I called it.

Standard Shotgun Rule:这是欧美的一种户外游戏鸟枪(Shotgun)”,游戏的主要目的是轮流开车。其中有一条规则是:必须看到汽车,才能叫鸟枪因此乔伊说,他首先看到了莫尼卡的房间,而且他首先叫了,所以房间应该归他。[shotgun在这里应该是强调汽车的副驾驶座位/CobainSeat in the car that is behind shotgun. Since Cobain was beind a shotgun when he died, it got this name.]

(Chandler grunts and turns around, sees that he’s in sight of the room, and mouths damn!)

grunt vt.咕哝着说出

Monica: Man, I feel like I’m coming down with something.

come down with v.染上()

Joey: What?

Monica: Yeah. (to Chandler) I bet you can’t guess what color my tonsils are? I’ll bet the apartment!

tonsil n.[]扁桃腺

Chandler: Oh, I would never bet this apartment. It’s too nice.

Phoebe: (entering) Hey!

Chandler: Hey!

Joey: Hey—ooh Pheebs, are they in there?

Phoebe: Umm, yeah, uh-huh, they’re implanted.

implant <>移植

Monica: How do you feel?

Phoebe: Well, freaked. ‘Cause it turns out that the odds are really sucky. And! This is Frank and Alice’s like only shot. Like, they are literally putting all of their eggs in my basket.

freaked <>Means to get nervous [eg:I saw the boy I liked and totally freaked]/sucky<>means someone feel very unpleasant/literally adv.实在地,不加夸张地

Chandler: Yeah, but I bet it works.

Monica: Really?! How much?!

Phoebe: All right, I’m gonna go take a pregnancy test, right now.

pregnancy test n.验孕

Joey: Oh wow! You can tell this soon你应该知道不会那么快.

tell v.知道

Phoebe: Well the doctor says it takes a couple of days, but my body’s always been a little faster than Western medicine.

Rachel: (entering from Chandler’s bedroom, I guess, and sees the foosball table.) Oh my God! I can’t believe you guys are actually think you’re moving in here!

Chandler: Well believe it baby!

Rachel: Well I-I-I’m not moving.

Joey: What?!

Rachel: No, it was a stupid bet! We were just playing a game!

Joey: You can’t just ignore the bet! It’s a bet! You bet and you bet and if you lose, you lose the bet!

Monica: Look Rach, we have to move. I mean if they had lost, we would’ve made them get rid of the birds. Right?

Rachel: Noooo.

Monica: All right, look, I hate this as much as you, but if it makes you feel better, it’s all your fault.

as much as adv.差不多

Rachel: What?!

Monica: Chinadolor Bong, come on, we steal that TV Guide every week!

Chandler: I knew it我就知道!

Rachel: I don’t care, I’m not going anywhere.

Chandler: Cool, girl roommate.

(Phoebe comes in from the bathroom as Rachel sits down in disgust.)

Monica: Well?

Phoebe: Nope, not knocked up yet.

knock up v. <美俚>To get someone (usually a female) pregnant.<英口>(使)筋疲力尽 (使)累垮 赚得

Monica: It’s only been a couple of hours, so just give it some time.

Phoebe: Yeah, all right. Meanwhile, I’m gonna do whatever I can to help this so, I’m just gonna y’know, lie it your chair, (She climbs into the chair and drapes her feet over the back of the chair.) Y’know? Yeah, good, I’m let gravity y’know, do its jobs. I won’t get in the way. It’ll be just like that time I tried to count all the bumps on your ceiling.

drape v.伸开手 脚放在…上/gravity n.地心引力/get in the way v.妨碍


Chandler: You know, Pheebs, if you sit there long enough, you’ll be sitting in our apartment.

Rachel: I can’t believe this.

Joey: Oh, Rach, FYI: Your new apartment hasn’t had hot water since Christmas.

FYI abbr.For Your Information 供参考

[Cut to later, the moving process is progressing steadily. Monica is trying to lift a heavy box, as Rachel comes in from Chandler’s bedroom.]

progress steadily v.平稳地进行

Monica: Hey, Rach, can you give me a hand with this box?

Rachel: No! Put that box down! We are not going anywhere! This is my apartment and I like it! This is a girl’s apartment! That is a boy’s apartment, it’s dirty and it smells. This is pretty. It’s-it’s so pretty! And look, and it’s-it’s purple! And I’m telling you, you with the steady hand, I am not moving, and now I have got the steady hand. (She holds out her hand, which is shaking uncontrollably.)

hold out v.伸出/uncontrollably adv.难以控制地

Monica: I’ll take care of it.

Rachel: That’s right! You do what the hand says!

[Cut to later, Phoebe is still in the chair and Rachel is laying down as Monica enters.]

Rachel: How did it go?

Monica: I lost our mattresses.

mattress n.床垫 空气垫

[Cut to still later, Rachel has now resigned herself to move and is now helping Monica. Phoebe is still on the chair.]

resign v.使听从 使顺从(+to)[ He resigned himself to his fate]

Phoebe: (singing) “Are you in there little fetus?
In nine will you come greet us?
I will buy you some Adidas.”

fetus n.胎儿

(There’s a knock on the door and Monica answers it.)

Monica: Hey!

Frank and Alice: (entering) Hi!

Alice: Hi, Phoebe! We were just at the drugstore and we got you a little present.

drugstore n.<>药房

Phoebe: Oh. Oh. That’s where all my blood was.

Frank: Umm, it’s a lollipop and a uh, a home pregnancy test.

lollipop n.棒棒糖

home pregnancy test n.家庭易用验孕棒

Monica: Hey, don’t mix those up, you could really ruin that lollipop.

mix up v.混淆

Alice: So umm, you feel like taking a test? There’s only one question.

Phoebe: All right, I will. No, I will. But umm, y’know just remember that it’s still really early, okay so, if it says that I’m not pregnant, that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna get pregnant, okay and, and just please, just so I don’t go completely nuts, just try not put all your hopes on this.


Alice: Okay.

Frank: Okay. (They both squeal in expectation尖叫着期待.)

Phoebe: Great. (Goes to take the test.)

(The door opens and Joey and Chandler ride in on the big, fake dog in triumph)

in triumph adv.胜利地 耀武扬威地

Rachel: Y’know what, you are mean boys, who are just being mean!

Joey: Hey, don’t get mad at us! No one forced you to raise the stakes!

stake n.赌金 赌注

Rachel: That is not true. She did! She forced me!

Monica: Hey, we would still be living here if hadn’t gotten the question wrong!

Rachel: Well it stupid, unfair question!

Ross: Don’t blame the questions!

Chandler: Would you all stop yelling in our apartment! You are ruining moving day for us!

Rachel: Will you stop calling it your apartment!

Joey: But it is our apartment!

Rachel: No it’s not!

(They all decay into massive bickering as Phoebe returns from the bathroom.)

decay v.腐朽 衰败 衰退/massive adj.大规模的/bickering n.争吵

Phoebe: You guys! You guys! You’re gonna have a baby! They’re gonna have a baby!


(They all go over and hug Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Okay, but this can’t be good for the baby.

All: Oh! (They stop hugging her to let her out and resume the hug without her.)


[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, erm, Monica and Rachel’s, Monica and Rachel are busy unpacking.]

unpack v. 打开包裹(或行李等)

Monica: I can’t find garbage bags!

garbage bag n.垃圾袋

Rachel: Oh, I think I saw some in here.

(She opens a door and they both scream at horror at what’s inside of it.)

Monica: What is it?!

Rachel: I don’t know! But maybe if we keep that drawer shut, it’ll die.

Monica: I can’t believe we’re living here!

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, erm, Chandler and Joey’s, they’re both unpacked. The big ceramic dog has found a new home in front of the window. Joey screams and runs into the living room.]

ceramic adj.陶器的 陶瓷的

ceramic dog

Chandler: What?! What-what is it?!

Joey: Did you see the size of the closets?!

closet n.衣橱

Chandler: I can’t believe we live here!

(They both sit down on the chairs and put up the foot rest.)

put up v.抬起

Chandler and Joey: Awwwww!! (They lean back all the way.) Awwwwwww!!!


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