The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks


The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks

Written by: Greg Malins
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen

508 感恩节大回顾



前世的菲比在(1862 and 1915年)两度丧失手臂;




5.08 The One With All The Thanksgivings

After Thanksgiving dinner at Monica’s, the gang tells stories about their worst Thanksgivings ever.

In a series of flashbacks, we see Chandler learning of his parent’s divorce (1978);

Phoebe losing an arm (twice) in past lives (1862 and 1915);

Joey with his head in a turkey (1992);

Chandler hurting Monica’s feelings (1987);

And Monica getting a little more revenge than she planned, when Chandler loses a toe (1988).

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, everyone has just finished Thanksgiving dinner and are groaning over their fullness.]

groan vt.用呻吟表示 呻吟着说

Rachel: Oh Monica that was the best Thanksgiving dinner ever! I think you killed us.

Ross: I couldn’t possibly eat another bite我再也吃不下了.

Joey: I need something sweet.

Phoebe: Does anyone wanna watch TV?

All: Yeah, sure.

(She starts pushing the power button on the remote, but it’s not facing the TV so it doesn’t work.)

Phoebe: Monica your remote doesn’t work.

Monica: Phoebe, you have to lift it and point.

Phoebe: Oh. Aw, forget it.

Rachel: Yeah, you know what we should all do? We should play that game where everyone says one thing that they’re thankful for.

be thankful for v.对…表示感恩 感激

Joey: Ooh-ooh, I! I am thankful for this beautiful fall we’ve been having.

Monica: That’s very nice.

Chandler: That’s sweet, Joey.

Joey: Yeah, the other day I was at the bus-stop and this lovely fall breeze came in out of nowhere and blew this chick’s skirt right up. Oh! Which reminds me, I’m also thankful for thongs. (Note: Actually, I think every guy is thankful for thongs. That and spandex.J )

come in out of nowhere 不知从哪里吹来/blow skirt up 将裙子吹起/Thong(=G-string)n.丁字裤/spandex n.<纺>斯潘德克斯弹性纤维(用于腰带、游泳衣等)



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[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, continued from earlier. Joey is talking about the wonder that is the thong.]

wonder n.奇迹

Joey: I mean, it’s not so much an underpant as it is a feat of engineering. I mean, it’s amazing how much they can do with so little material! And the way they play with your mind! Is it there? Is it not there?

underpant <口>内裤/feat n.壮举 功绩/engineering n.工程学

Chandler: Are you aware that you’re still talking?

Monica: Is anyone thankful for anything else besides a thong?

Ross: Huh, I don’t know what to pick. Am I more thankful for my divorce or my eviction? Hmm.

eviction n.逐出 赶出

Phoebe: Wow! See, and I didn’t think you’d be able to come up with anything.

Ross: I’m sorry. It’s just that this is the worse Thanksgiving ever.

Chandler: No-no-no! I am the king of bad Thanksgivings. You can’t just swoop in here with your bad marriage and take that away from me.

swoop v.突然下降 俯冲 飞扑 猛扑

Rachel: Oh, you’re not gonna tell the whole story about how your parents got divorced again are you?

Ross: Oh God, no.

Joey: Oh, come on! I wanna hear it! It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Chandler bumming us out!

bum out<俚>使不愉快 恼怒 郁闷(eg1:Holiday season is coming, don’t feed bummed out)(eg2:Her weird hairdo really bummed her boyfriend out)

Chandler: It’s a tradition, like the parade. If the parade decided it was gay, moved out, and abandoned its entire family.

move out v.离家出走

(And with that, we start a series of flashbacks to Thanksgiving’s of years gone by.)

Thanksgiving 1978

[Scene: The Bing household, Mr. and Mrs. Bing and Young Chandler are eating Thanksgiving dinner as a housekeeper serves them.]

housekeeper n.女管家

Mrs. Bing: Now Chandler dear, just because your father and I are getting a divorce it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It just means he would rather sleep with the house-boy than me.

would rather do A than B:宁愿做A也不做B/houseboy n.男仆

The Housekeeper: More turkey Mr. Chandler? (And he makes eyes at him.)

make eyes at sb v.使眼色 眉目传情 抛媚眼

Present Day

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, continued from earlier.]

Rachel: Every time you tell that story, that guy’s accent gets thicker and thicker.

thick accent n.浓厚的口音

Phoebe: So are he and your dad still together?

Chandler: No. After they got their own place, the houseboy got his own houseboy. Should have heard his accent.

Ross: You’re right. Yours is worse. You are the king of bad Thanksgivings.

Phoebe: I don’t know about that. I’ve got one that’s worse.

Chandler: Really? Worse than, “More turkey Mr. Chandler?”

Phoebe: Oh, did the little rich boy have a problem with the butler? Yes, mine’s worse!

the little rich boy n.小少爷/butler n.男管家 司膳总管

Thanksgiving 1862

[Scene: A Union battlefield hospital, Phoebe, in a past life, is tending to a wounded Union soldier. (By the way, for historical perspective, 1862 was the second year of the American Civil War.)]

battlefield n.战场 沙场/past life n.前世/tend vi.照料 护理(+to)/for historical perspective adv.由历史知晓

Past Life Phoebe: More bandages! More bandages! Please, can I get some more bandages in here! This man is dying—(She is cut off by an exploding shell just outside the tent. When the smoke clears, she’s missing an arm and the blood is pumping out like you’d see in a horror movie. And upon seeing her condition, she says…) Oh no.

bandage n.绷带/shell n.炮弹/tent n.帐篷/horror movie n.恐怖片(thriller)

Present Day

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, continued from earlier.]

Ross: In this life, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Oh, this life! Oh okay no, Chandler’s is worse.

Joey: Man, it must be so cool remembering stuff like that! I don’t have any past life memories.

Phoebe: Of course you don’t sweetie. You’re brand new.

Rachel: I know Monica’s worst Thanksgiving.

Monica: Oh, let’s not tell this story.

All: Oh, come on!

Phoebe: Oh no, I know! I know! It’s the one where Joey got Monica’s turkey stuck on his head!

Rachel: What?! Joey got a turkey stuck on his head?!

Joey: Hey, it’s not like it sounds.

Chandler: It’s exactly like it sounds.

Thanksgiving 1992

[Scene: Monica and Phoebe’s, Phoebe is entering.]

Joey: (muffled) Hello?

muffle v.蒙住 压抑(声音)

Phoebe: (surprised) Hello?

Joey: Phoebe?

Phoebe: Joey? What’s going on?

Joey: Look. (He walks out of the bathroom with his head stuck in a huge turkey.)

Phoebe: Oh my God!

Joey: I know! It’s stuck!!!

Phoebe: (walks him to the kitchen) Easy. Step. How did it get on?

Joey: I put it on to scare Chandler!

Phoebe: Oh my God! Monica’s gonna totally freak out!

freak out <俚>气坏的 吓坏的

Joey: Well then help me get it off! Plus, it smells really bad in here.

Phoebe: Well, of course it smells really bad. You have your head up a dead animal.

(They hear Monica trying to unlock the door. So Phoebe quickly pushes his head down onto the table to make it look like the turkey is just sitting on a platter and not stuck on Joey’s head.)

platter n.大浅盘

Monica: (entering) Hey!

Phoebe: Hey!

Monica: Hey, did you get the turkey basted—Oh my God! Oh my God! (She sees someone is stuck in the turkey.) Who is that?

baste v.润以油脂 (在烤肉上)涂油

Joey: It’s Joey.

Monica: What-what are you doing? Is this supposed to be funny?

Phoebe: No, it’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be scary.

Monica: Well, get it off now!

Joey: I can’t! It-it’s stuck!

Monica: Well, I don’t care! That-that turkey has to feed 20 people at my parent’s house and they’re not gonna eat it off your head!

eat off v.吃掉

Phoebe: All right, hold on! Okay, let’s just all think.

(They all start thinking. Joey starts rubbing his chin, of course his chin is currently inside the turkey so he ends up rubbing the turkey. And I didn’t do that joke one bit of justice. It’s one of those you have to see it to get it jokes.)

Monica: Okay, I got it. Phoebe? All right, you pull. I’m gonna spread the legs as wide as I can. (Joey starts giggling.) Joey? Now is not the time!

Joey: Sorry! Sorry.

(They get into position to pull the turkey off.)

Monica: Okay, count to three. 1. 2. 3!

(They both pull but Joey slips out and starts to fall backwards just as Chandler enters, scaring him.)

Chandler: Arghhhhhh!! (Joey turns around to taunt him, but Chandler is in the doorway and Joey is facing the kitchen.)

taunt v.辱骂 嘲笑 奚落

Joey: (pointing) It worked! I scared ya, I knew it! Ha-ha!

Chandler: I’m over here big guy.

Joey: (turning all the way around, and still not facing Chandler) Yeah, you are! (Starts dancing.) I scared you!

Present Day

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, continued from earlier.]

Chandler: (laughing) You did look like an idiot.

Joey: Hey, I wasn’t the only one who looked like an idiot. All right? Remember when Ross tried to say, “Butternut squash?” And it came out, “Squatternut buash?”

butternut n.白脱奶特白胡桃的一种/squash n.南瓜/butternut squash<植>冬南瓜/butternut squash和squatternut buash:只是ROSS口误把两个单词拆开说混了,应该没什么别的意思

Ross: Yeah that’s the same.

Monica: That’s it. That’s my worse Thanksgiving.

Phoebe: Oh wait! That can’t be the one Rachel’s talking about. She didn’t even know that happened. So which one was it?

All: Which one?

Monica: Umm, I-I really don’t want to tell this story.

Chandler: Oh, come on Monica, reliving past pain and getting depressed is what Thanksgiving is all about. Y’know, for me anyway. And of course, the Indians.

relive vt.重新过活 再体验/Indian n.印度人 印第安人

Monica: Look umm, of all people, you do not want me to tell this story!

Chandler: What is that supposed to mean?

Thanksgiving 1987

[Scene: The Geller household, Mr. and Mrs. Geller are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. The doorbell rings.]

Mrs. Geller: Monica! I think Rachel’s here!

Monica: I’ll get it我来开门! (She runs in, and she’s her old fat self like The One With The Prom Video. Not only that, she’s out of breath after running a short distance. She goes over and opens the door to reveal Rachel with her old nose.) Happy Thanksgiving!

self n.自己 自我

Big Nosed Rachel: Not for me. Chip and I broke up!

Fat Monica: Oh, why? Why? What happened?

Big Nosed Rachel: Well, you know that my parents are out of town and Chip was going to come over…

be out of town v.出远门

Fat Monica: Yeah, yeah, and you were going him y’know, your flower.

Big Nosed Rachel: Okay, Monica, can you just call it sex?! It really creeps me out when you call it that! Okay, and by the way, while we’re at it, a guy’s thing is not called his tenderness. Believe me! (Walks into the living room and greets Monica’s parents.) Hi!

creep vi.(由于恐惧,厌恶等)起鸡皮疙瘩 汗毛直竖/tenderness n.柔软 温和 嫩处/greet vt.问候 向…致意

Mr. Geller: Hi Rachel!

Big Nosed Rachel: Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Geller: You too sweetheart!

Ross: (entering) Hey!

(He brought home Chandler for Thanksgiving. Chandler is sporting the very popular Flock of Seagulls haircut. Yeah, it’s another you have to see it to believe it kinda thing.)

sport vt.<口>炫耀 夸示/seagull n.海鸥/flock n.(禽 畜等的)群/A Flock of Seagulls: are a synthpop(n.流行电子合成乐) group originally formed by brothers Mike (keyboards, vocals) and Ali Score (drums), with Frank Maudsley (bass) and Paul Reynolds (guitar). They gained popularity and subsequent infamy(n.恶名 声名狼藉)in the early days of MTV with the video for their song “I Ran (So Far Away)” which showcased the lead singer Mike Score’s distinctive haircut. To this day they remain firmly identified with the song, and the early ’80s.

Mr. Geller: Oh my!

Ross: Uh, everyone, this is Chandler! My roommate and lead singer of our band!

lead singer n.主唱

Fat Monica: Ross! (Wanting to be introduced.)

Ross: Oh, this is Monica.

Fat Monica: Hi, I’m Ross’s little sister.

Chandler: (seeing her) Okay.

Mrs. Geller: I’m so glad you could come Chandler, we’ve got plenty of food so I hope you’re hungry.

Ross: Oh, mom. Mom. Chandler hates Thanksgiving and doesn’t eat any Thanksgiving food.

Mrs. Geller: Oh, well, I’m so glad you brought him here then.

Fat Monica: Umm, Chandler, if you want I can make you some macaroni and cheese for dinner.

macaroni n.通心面 通心粉/Macaroni and cheese (sometimes referred to as macaroni cheese , mac ‘n’ cheese[后面Chandler 果然说了] or “Mac ‘n Bomb” in parts of the U.S., Canada and the British Isles) is a common dish, similar to the British dish cauliflower(n.<植>花椰菜) cheese, whose main ingredients are cooked macaroni (often termed elbow(n.肘状物)macaroni in the US) and a cheese sauce. Cheddar cheese is the traditional choice (or cheddar[n.(英国产的)切达干酪]-like processed cheese). However, other cheese may be used. Packaged versions are available, consisting of boxed pasta[n.意大利面食(包括通心粉及面条等)] and a cheese powder, to which is added butter and milk (or water). Extra ingredients, like ground beef(n.绞细牛肉), canned tuna(n.金枪鱼), ketchup(n.调味番茄酱), sliced hot dogs, ham, bacon, peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables are sometimes incorporated into the dish as well, though purists(n.纯粹主义者) might say that such recipes are no longer “macaroni and cheese.”

Chandler: Well, as long as the pilgrims didn’t eat it, I’m in.

pilgrim n.朝圣者 (大写)一六二○年搭乘五月花号(Mayflower)移居美国的英国清教徒/The Indians Pilgrims:钱德勒对感恩节的童年记忆是父母离婚,所以他告诉莫尼卡:“重新经历过去的痛苦 并为此感到沮丧是感恩节的全部。”不过,他补充了一句,对于印第安人也如此。这要追溯到感恩节的历史:感恩节是美国人为了感谢当年“五月花”号上的清教徒(Pilgrims)度过生存危机而感谢上帝设立的节日。但对于印第安人来说,虽然他们帮助过英国殖民者,但最后却被他们赶尽杀绝,清教徒的生存逐渐变成了他们种族的噩梦,所以很多美国印第安人把感恩节当做“民族受难日”。后面,钱德勒还会说,只要是“清教徒”在感恩节吃的东西他都不吃,指的也是感恩节最早起源这个历史背景。

(As she is drinking, Monica laughs at Chandler’s joke and Diet Coke comes out of her nose.)

Fat Monica: dammit! (Runs off.)

(Ross points out Rachel to Chandler and goes over to talk to her. Rachel is checking out her nose in her compact mirror.)

compact mirror n.化妆镜

Ross: So uh, Rach? Does it, does it feel weird around here now? Y’know since I’ve been away at college.

Big Nosed Rachel: Oh! No, not really.

Ross: Well, that’s cool. So did… (She walks away from him and he shuts up.)

walk away from v.从…旁边走开

Chandler: So that’s Rachel, the girl you’ve been writing all those songs about?

Ross: Yeah

Chandler: Might want to rethink the Iyrics to ‘She FeeIs Weird Since I’ve Been Gone.’

rethink v.再想 重新考虑

(Rachel wanders into the kitchen where Monica is making Chandler’s dinner.)

Big Nosed Rachel: Ugh! I cannot believe Chip dumped me for that slut Nancy Branson. I am never going out with him again. I don’t care how much he begs!

slut <美>娼妓<谑>泼妇 母狗

Fat Monica: I think his begging days are over now that he’s going out with Nancy Branson.

Big Nosed Rachel: Y’know what? I’ve just had it with high school boys! They are just silly. (Ross is overhearing this.) Silly, stupid boys! I’m going to start dating men!

have it with sb 受够了(某人)

Ross: Umm, I’m sorry Judy, I couldn’t find that bowl that you and Jack were looking for.

Fat Monica: Call them mom and dad you loser!

loser<俚>Someone who generally sucks at life.

Ross: (in a high pitched voice) Monica!

high pitched adj.高音调的

[Time lapse, dinner has finished and Chandler is sitting on the couch eating some pie. Monica sits down beside him, and he gets pushed up a little by the wave she makes in the couch.]

Fat Monica: Hey Chandler! Did you like the macaroni and cheese?

Chandler: Oh yeah, it was great. You should be a chef.

Fat Monica: Okay!

(He gets up and walks away as Rachel come running over all excited.)

Big Nosed Rachel: Guess what?! All that stuff about Nancy Branson being a slut was all a rumor so Chip dumped her and he wants to come over to my house tonight!

Fat Monica: Oh that’s so great!

Big Nosed Rachel: I know!

Fat Monica: Oh gosh, listen if you and Chip do it tonight, promise me you’ll tell me everything.

Big Nosed Rachel: Oh totally, totally. Y’know it’s not that big of deal, we already kinda did it once y’know.

Fat Monica: I know, but y’know, this time you’re gonna definitely know whether or not you did it!

Big Nosed Rachel: I know, I know. And oh, and this time Chip promised that-that this time it will last at least for an entire song!

[Cut to the kitchen, Ross and Chandler are doing the dishes.]

Ross: So I’m thinking about asking Rachel out tonight. Y’know maybe play her that song we wrote last week.

Chandler: Emotional Knapsack?

knapsack n.(士兵或徒步旅行者用的)背包

Ross: Yeah.

Chandler: Right on! Oh! Uh, but, don’t take too long okay? ‘Cause uh, we’re gonna test out our fake ID’s tonight, right Clifford Alverez.

right on <口>好极了 对极了/test out v.考验

Ross: Listen, Roland Chang, if things go well, I’m gonna be out with her all night.

Chandler: Dude, don’t do that to me!

(Monica enters behind them.)

Ross: All right, it’s cool you can stay here. My parents won’t mind.

(Monica suddenly gets very happy.)

Chandler: No, it’s not that, I just don’t want to be stuck here all night with your fat sister.

Ross: Hey!

(Upon hearing this, Monica starts to break down and storms out. Only to be stopped by her parents.)

break down v.垮掉

Mrs. Geller: (holding two pies) Monica, why don’t you finish off these pies? I don’t have any more room left in the fridge.

finish v.干掉 全部吃完

Fat Monica: No. No, thank you!

Mr. Geller: Well Judy, you did it! She’s finally full!

Commercial Break

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, back to the present day.]

Chandler: I called you fat?! I don’t even remember that!

JoeyMaybe it’d jog your memory if you guys played a little bit of ‘EmotionaI Knapsack’.

jog vt.触动,唤起(记忆)/jog someone’s memory v.唤起某人的记忆

Chandler: I am so sorry. I really am. I was an idiot back then. I rushed the stage at a Wham concert for crying out loud!

Wham!:威猛乐队,成立于1981年,由英国的George Michael(生于1963 年6月26日)和Andrew Ridgeley(生于1963年6月25日) 组成。从一个中学生组合发展而来的’威猛!’无疑是80年代最成功的英国流行乐队。他们以快节奏的、轻松的、具有灵歌风格的曲风风靡了全世界。1982年秋以单曲Young Guns(Go for It) 打入英国流行歌曲排行榜第三名。1983年 Wham!的首张专辑《Fantastic(妙极了)》发行,问市后马上以迅雷不及掩耳的速度勇夺全英专辑榜榜首王座。 1984年推出第二张专辑《Make It Big(炒热它)》,其中的单曲Wake Me Up Before You Go Go一路攀至白金唱片销售纪录,这是Wham!第一次尝到全美单曲榜冠军滋味,此曲还为Wham!蠃得葛莱美“最佳流行乐二重唱或团体”提名殊荣。接着推出的单曲Everything She Wants同样夺得全美排行冠军,而Freedom和I’m Your Man亦双双创下第三名的佳绩。1986年 Wham!推出第三张专辑《Music From The Edge Of Heaven(The Final)》,,George担纲了专辑中所有歌曲的制作及创作大任。出现在专辑里的大部分乐器,也都由他一手包办。本专辑拥有全美Top 10、全英冠军的优异成绩。不过,George和 Andrew却在乐团处于巅峰时宣布解散。两人在 1986年6月于英国伦敦的温布莱体育馆举行了告别演唱会,Wham!从地从此正式走入历史。

Phoebe: Oh, I can’t believe you called her fat.

Ross: I can’t believe you let George Michael slap you.

Wham,George Michael:莫尼卡在中学里非常肥胖,钱德勒曾经无意中出口伤人。在听说自己当年的坏毛病后,钱德勒向已经是自己爱人的莫尼卡道歉,并说那时候自己是个白痴。他举例时说:“我还曾经冲上威猛(Wham)乐队的演唱会舞台大喊大叫呢?”罗斯说:“我难以相信你居然让乔治·迈克尔打了你一个耳光。”威猛乐队是八十年代非常红火的两人演唱组合,曾经唱过《无心快语》等名曲。乔治·迈克尔当时还是其中的一员,现在单飞的乔治·迈克尔依然是西方流行音乐的一个重要人物。

Chandler: I am really sorry. That is so terrible. I am so, so sorry.

Rachel: Actually, y’know that’s not the Thanksgiving I was talking about.

Monica: Yes, it was!

Rachel: No, it wasn’t. It was actually the…

Monica: (interrupting her) Okay, now Thanksgiving’s over, let’s get ready for Christmas. Who wants to go get a Christmas tree?!

Phoebe: Oh, no, I have the cutest Christmas story!

Chandler: We wanna hear Monica’s Thanksgiving story!

Phoebe: Fine, all right, mine had a dwarf that got broke in half, but y’know whatever.

Thanksgiving 1988

[Scene: The Geller household kitchen, Mrs. Geller is cooking and Rachel, post nose job, is helping her.]

Mrs. Geller: So Rachel, your mom tells me you changed your major again.

Rachel: Oh, yeah, I had to. There was never any parking by the Psychology building.

parking n.停车

Mr. Geller: (entering) Hi Rachel.

Rachel: Oh hi!

Mr. Geller: Wow, love your new nose!

Mrs. Geller: Jack.

Mr. Geller: What? Dr. Wilson’s an artist! He removed my mole cluster. Wanna see? (He starts to show her as the doorbell rings.)

moe n.痣 胎块

Mrs. Geller: I’ll get it.

Rachel: No, God! Please, let me! (Runs out.)

(She opens the door to reveal Chandler and Ross. Unfortunately, they seem to have their holidays mixed up. They think it’s Halloween and they’re going as Crockett and Tubbs from that legendary TV show of the late 80’s, Miami Vice. God, we looked silly back then!)

vice n.罪行,不道德行为/Miami Vice:这是美国1980年代中期热播的一套电视剧集《迈阿密风云》。罗斯和钱德勒在1988年的感恩节出现在罗斯家中时,两人的打扮就是模仿剧中的两个主人公克罗克特(Crockett)和塔布斯(Tubbs)的/ Miami Vice was a popular and innovative television series (five seasons on NBC from 1984–1989) starring Don Johnson (James “Sonny” Crockett) and Philip Michael Thomas (Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs) as two Miami police detectives working undercover(adj.被雇进行间谍活动的). A motion picture(n.电影) based on the series was released on July 28, 2006.

Rachel: Hey!

Ross: Hey. (To his parents) Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Geller: (To Chandler) God, your hair sure is different!

Chandler: Yeah, we were just talking about that. I can’t believe how stupid we used to look. (They both quickly push their sleeves over their elbows.)

Ross: So uh, where’s Monica?

Mrs. Geller: She’s upstairs. Monica! Come down! Everyone’s here! Ross, Rachel, and the boy who hates Thanksgiving.

(Monica enters, but she forgot something. Oh, about 150 pounds. In other words, she lost weight, big time!)

in other words adv.换句话说

Monica: Hi, Chandler.

Chandler: Oh my God!

Monica: What-what’s the matter? Is there, is there something on my dress? (She turns around making sure he gets a good look.)

Chandler: You just, you look so different! Terrific! That dress! That body!

Ross: Dude!

Chandler: Sorry!

Mrs. Geller: Yes, yes Monica is thin. It’s wonderful. But what we really want to hear about is Ross’s new girlfriend.

Ross: Oh mom! Okay, umm, her name is Carol. And she’s really pretty. And smart. And uh, she’s-she’s on the lacrosse team and the golf team. Can you believe it? She plays for both teams!

Lacrosse:is a team sport that is played with either ten players (men field) six players (men box,indoor) or twelve players (women), each of whom uses a netted(adj.网状的) stick (the crosse[n.长曲棍球的球棒]) in order to pass and catch a very hard rubber ball with the aim of scoring goals (each worth one point traditionally, but Major League Lacrosse uses a two point goal for goals scored from a distance of 16 yards or greater from the goal) by propelling the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most points after two halves, of varying length from competition to competition, and overtime if necessary, wins.Most popular in North America, lacrosse is Canada’s official national summer sport and the fastest growing sport in the United States.(长曲棍球)

Monica: So Chandler, I guess I’ll see you at dinner.

(She heads for the kitchen and Chandler watches her leave and admires the view.)

Mr. Geller: Dude!

Chandler: Sorry.

(In the kitchen.)

Rachel: (entering) Oh-ho, my God! That was so awesome! You totally got him back for calling you fat! He was just drooling all over you. That must’ve felt so great!

drool vi.流口水

Monica: Well it didn’t!

Rachel: What?!

Monica: Yeah, I mean yeah, I look great. Yeah, I feel great and yeah, my heart is not in trouble anymore! Blah, blah, blah! Y’know I still don’t feel like I got him back, y’know? I just want to humiliate him. I wanna, I want him to be like naked and then I’m going to point at him and laugh!

get sb back v.报复某人/humiliate v.羞辱 使丢脸 耻辱

Rachel: Okay, that we may be able to do.

Monica: How?

Rachel: Well guys tend to get naked before they’re gonna have sex.

Monica: What?! I mean, I didn’t work this hard and-and-and lose all this weight so that I can give my flower to someone like him!

Rachel: Okay, first of all, if you keep calling it that, no one’s gonna ever take it. Then, second of all you’re not actually gonna have sex with him! You’re just gonna make him think that you are.

Monica: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah.

Monica: And when he’s naked I can throw him out in the front yard and lock the door and all the neighbors will just humiliate him!

front yard n.前院

Rachel: Then, you will definitely get him back!

Monica: Okay, so how do I make him think I wanna have sex with him?

Rachel: Okay, oh, here’s what you do. Just act like everything around you turns you on.

Monica: What do you mean?

Rachel: Well, like anything can be sexy. Like umm, oh-oh, like this dishtowel! (She grabs it and starts rubbing it on her cheek.) Ooh, ooh, this feels sooo good against my cheek! And-and if I feel a little hot, I can just dab myself with it. Or I can bring it down to my side and bring it through my fingers while I talk to him.

dishtowel n.<美>干毛巾布 擦碟干布/dab v.轻拍,轻触

Monica: (excited) I can do that!

Rachel: Yeah? Okay! Good, good, because he’s coming. He’s coming. (To Chandler) Hey, what’s up? (She leaves and closes the door behind her.)

Chandler: Monica, I was wondering if you can make me some of that righteous mac and cheese like last year.

righteous adj.公正的 正直的 正当的

Monica: Umm, I’d love to! (She goes over and picks up the box and decides to follow Rachel’s advice and holds the box up to her cheek.) Ooh, I love macaroni and cheese. I love-I love the way this box feels against my cheek.

Chandler: Okay.

Monica: Boy, I love carrots! Oh! (She picks up a bunch of them and holds them between her fingers.) Sometimes I like to put them between my fingers like this and-and hold them down here while I talk to you. (She is rubbing her hip with the carrots.) Umm, and-and-and y’know if I get really hot umm, I-I like to pick up this knife (She picks up a knife without putting the box down. She’s holding the box between her cheek and shoulder) and-and umm, I-I put the cool steal against umm, (Pause) my body. (She doesn’t have any exposed skin within reach of the knife, so while holding the carrots in one hand and the box between her face and shoulder, she rubs the knife on her stomach.)


Chandler: Are you all right?

Monica: Oh yeah, of course. I’m fine it’s just—(She drops the box and in a reflex action tries to catch it with her arm, the knife slips out and slowly flips through the air and comes point first down into Chandler’s shoe.)

A reflex action is an automatic (involuntary[adj.自然而然的, 无意的, 不知不觉的]) neuromuscular(adj.<解>神经肌肉的) action elicited(v.引起) by a defined stimulus(n.刺激 刺激物).A reflex action is mediated via the reflex arc(n.反射弧) 条件反射 本能反应

[Scene: The hospital, Chandler has been rushed to the emergency room.]

The Doctor: What do we got here?

The Paramedic: Twenty year old has got a severed toe on his right foot.

sever v.切断

(They go through the doors into the trauma room, opening them by ramming the gurney through them, only Chandler’s foot is hanging off the end and he screams in pain.)

trauma n.<医>外伤 伤口/ram v.猛击 撞/gurney n. (医院里推送病人用的)轮床

Ross: Can you please not do that feet first? You know where his injury is! Severed toe, you just said it!

The Doctor: It says here that the knife went right through your shoe.

Mr. Geller: Of course it did. They’re made of wicker.

wicker n.柳条制品 柳条编织

The Doctor: Did you bring the toe?

Monica: Oh yes! I have it right here, on ice! (She takes a bag of ice out of her purse and hands it to the doctor.)

Chandler: Toes on Ice, coming soon to Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden:often abbreviated as MSG, known colloquially(adv.用通俗语的) simply as The Garden, has been the name of four arenas in New York City, United States. It is also the name of the entity which owns the arena and several of the professional sports franchises(n.经销权) which play there. There have been four incarnations(n.化身) of the arena. The first two were located at the Northeast corner of Madison Square (Madison Ave. & 26th St.) from which the arena derived its name. Subsequently a new 17,000-seat Garden (opened December 15, 1925) was built at 50th Street and 8th Avenue, and the current Garden (opened February 14, 1968) is at 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, situated on top of Pennsylvania Station. The present arena is informally known to some by the advertising slogan “The World’s Most Famous Arena”.

Chandler: Save your strength, man.

The Doctor: (opening it) Don’t worry son, we’ll just attach it and—(Stops suddenly.)

Monica: What?! What is it?

The Doctor: You brought a carrot.

Chandler: What?

The Doctor: This isn’t your toe, this is a small, very cold piece of carrot.

Rachel: You brought a carrot?!

Mrs. Geller: Oh my God! There’s a toe in my kitchen.

Monica: God, I’m sorry! I’ll go back and get it!

The Doctor: It’s too late, all we can do now is sew up the wound.

sew up v.缝合 缝入

Chandler: Without my toe?! I need my toe!

Monica: Wait, no-no-no, I can go really fast! Dad, give me the keys to your Porsche!

Porsche:Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, often shortened to Porsche AG, or just Porsche, is a German sports car(n.跑车) manufacturer, founded in 1931 by Austrian Ferdinand Porsche, the engineer who also created the first Volkswagen( The company is located in Zuffenhausen, a city district of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

Mr. Geller: Oh, I’m not falling for that one!

fall for v.上…的当[eg:Many people fell for his tricks.]

Present Day

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s, Chandler is reacting to the story.]

Chandler: That’s why I lost my toe?! Because I called you fat?!

Monica: I didn’t mean to cut it off. It was an accident.

Chandler: That’s why for an entire year people called me Sir Limps-A-Lot?!

limp vi.一瘸一拐地走 跛行

Monica: I’m sorry! It wasn’t your whole toe!

Chandler: Yeah, well, I miss the tip! It’s the best part. It has the nail. (He storms out.)

Monica: Chandler! (Follows him out.)

Ross: (To Joey) Sir Limps-A-Lot, I came up with that.

Joey: You’re a dork.

dork <俚>Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.笨蛋 呆子

[Cut to the hallway, Chandler is standing in front of his door.]

Chandler: I can’t believe this.

Monica: Chandler, I said I was sorry.

Chandler: Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t bring back the little piggy that cried all the way home! It figures that something Iike this would happen today. I hate this stupid day! And everything about it! I’ll see you later.

piggy <俚>Fat kid/it figures合理 讲得通 有道理

Monica: Oh wait, Chandler, come here,is there anything I can do? Anything?

Chandler: Yeah, just leave me alone for a while. (He goes into his apartment.)

[Scene: Chandler, Joey, and Ross’s, Chandler is sitting on one of the chairs and the duck is running around him and quacking.]

Chandler: Oh-oh, I’m a duck! I go, “Quack, quack!” I’m happy all the time!

(There’s a knock on the door and Chandler gets up to answer it. He opens the door to reveal Monica with a turkey over her head.)

Chandler: Nice try.

Nice try:你想得美。不要光看字面上的Nice try. 好像在说别人“做得好”,实际上Nice try. 最常用来讽刺别人“你想得美”若有人想唬你去做一件很笨的事,你就可以说声Nice try.

Monica: Wait, wait, wait! (She puts a Shriner’s hat on the turkey.)

shrine圣地 神龛 庙/shriner n.神甫

shriner’s hat

Chandler: Look, Monica…

Monica: Look! (She puts a big, yellow pair of sunglasses on the bird.)

Chandler: This is not going to work.

Monica: I bet this will work! (She starts dancing and Chandler cracks up.)

crack up v.垮掉 精神崩溃

Chandler: You are so great! I love you!

(Monica stops suddenly and turns around slowly.)

Monica: What?

Chandler: Nothing! I said, I said “You’re so great” and then I just, I just stopped talking!

Monica: You said you loved me! I can’t believe this!

Chandler: No I didn’t!

Monica: Yes, you did!

Chandler: No I didn’t!

Monica: You love me!

Chandler: No I don’t! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

(Joey walks in and sees Monica. He freaks out and runs back into the hallway, screaming.)

Ending Credits

Thanksgiving 1915

[Scene: The Western front during World War I, Phoebe, in yet another past life, is once again a nurse tending to yet another dying soldier. But this time she’s doing it with a French accent.]

front n.前线 战线

French Phoebe: Gauze! Gauze! I need to get some gauze in here! Can I please get some gauze in here! (A shell explodes outside next to the tent and when the smoke clears, Phoebe still has her arm.) Whew! (Her arm falls off and starts pumping out blood.) This is getting ridiculous uh!

gauze n.(医用)纱布